R&D Tax Credit

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The R&D tax credit is available to any industry that relies on a background in the sciences to solve technical problems.
At Parachor Consulting, we employ a team of CPAs, attorneys, engineers, and statisticians to provide unparalleled R&D tax credit services. Our custom process tailored to each individual business is targetted towards delivering the maximum tax benefit legally possible. For more information, view our FAQs or contact us for your free assessment.

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R&D Tax Credit Process


Value Identification

  • Let's get started! Parachor will conduct an on-site assessment of your company activities and finances. Once completed, Parachor will deliver a no-obligation estimate of the tax credit amount.

Benefit Delivery

  • Time to get technical. Parachor will gather and analyze additional information relating to the qualified work. Parachor will calculate the specific credit amount, and conduct a thorough financial and legal review before delivering your numbers.

Substantiation Report

  • How did we do it? Parachor will draft a comprehensive report following IRS directives to substantiate the work completed to calculate the credit.


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